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Talking to Dr. Andreas Bienert at the EVA [Electronic Media & Visual Arts] conference

We recently attended the 25th EVA [Electronic Media & Visual Arts] Conference in Berlin, the theme was: the bridges between material culture and virtual representation. This “Digital Twins” principle, applied to the Cultural and Heritage sector, is transforming our practices of how we curate, document and communicate.

This year’s session was organized by Dr.-Ing. Anko Börner and Prof. Dr Andreas Bienert. We had the opportunity to talk with Dr Bienert, about his background.

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I went to Museum Next tech in Amsterdam…

I recently went to Museum Next tech in Amsterdam  and there were lots of different topics discussed. Very different and at the same time all aiming at the same goal: how to deal best with the museum’s digital strategy, with which tools, which members of the team, which means and such.

In the afternoon, Laura Hubber from the J. Paul Getty Museum explained her strategy to get a younger audience to the museum : by using the Percy Jackson universe.She looked up some studies,

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Ecsite: Outreach: new practises…

During this session, several participants presented their projects and how those have been developed in order to help fill the gap between the differences (groups, ages, situations, etc).


Rachael InglisNathalie CapletTheodoros AnagnostopoulosLeticia GonzálezPeter Trevitt

The Cambridge Science Centre has made some studies after being present in several schools,

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Storytelling and telling stories in the museum

There are talks and tips about pretty much any topic on Ted and precisely 18 carefully curated playlists on the theme of storytelling. At Wezitcamp, we dived into the “How to tell a story” playlist to find thoughtful advice that applies to museum professionals working – or wishing to work – with storytelling.

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Education and digital practices at the museum

What we learnt at Communicating the Museum this year:
Last week, Wezitcamp attended the Communicating the Museum (CTM) conference in Paris. This edition focused on the power of education and was filled with thought-provoking and inspiring talks. It would be impossible to dissect them all so we chose to focus on what CTM taught us about digital practices for education within museums.

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Could pairing VR and storytelling help us keep collective memories alive?

As a powerful tool for accurately recreating places and environments, virtual reality appears as a weapon of choice for historical exploration. In his talk at the last Museums and the Web conference, Michael Haley Goldman (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum) showed how such new technologies could help retain and disseminate personal stories that are crucial to what is often termed “duty of remembrance” in Europe. In this article, we look at a few projects that successfully blended VR and storytelling to address narratives of past and present conflicts.

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Please bring your own device to the museum

Has the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) approach failed museums? See what experts had to say during the last edition of Museums and the Web.

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