To cultural open innovation and beyond !

The lone genius is a myth; instead, it’s group genius that generates breakthrough innovation.” Keith Sawyer

Wezitcamp is propelled by the conviction that a good use of digital tools can help the cultural sector solve its current problems: accessibility and relevance, but also, achieve the delicate balance between innovation, resilience and sustainability.

At Wezitcamp, we are also convinced that a creative and innovative idea is never the work of a single person but the result of multiple exchanges, dialogues and synergies. The monoculture of ideas can hardly create a healthy cultural ecosystem; but collaborative momentum, diversity and open innovation can!

Wezitcamp is also about sharing expertise in a laid-back environment. It is about letting the different voices of the sector (from the devoted volunteer to the experienced manager and the arts aficionados) participate in this conversation.

How do we achieve this ?

We aim to form a community of arts & culture professionals and influencers, to whom we offer online and offline spaces for conversation. We strive to create environments based on co-creation and non-judgment in order to let creativity break through.

That’s not all ! It is also necessary to synthesize these ideas and make them available to all so that they do not remain mere conversations but become real stepping stones towards action.

And all this gives us …

A website open to everyone. Toolkits, syntheses and articles that are free to download. Best practices to be applied, remixed and shared again. Last but not least, an international overview of the latest articles, reports and events in the sector, and regular rounds of spotlights on our Wezitcamp members and their activities.

Wezitcamp is part of a research and development initiative carried out by Wezit. This includes the Cultural Urban Learning Transmedia Experience (CULTE) project in partnership with LUTIN, CNAM, and the Musée du quai Branly – Jacques Chirac. For more information on this initiative, click here.

In order to disseminate best practices, to share knowledge and insure transparency, Wezit will make the public results of its own work available to the community of Wezitcamp. For more information, consult the Wezitcamp code of ethics below.

Download our code of ethics